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About Sabrina Maria

🎀 Welcome To My World! 🎀 
I am an Empowering Country Rock singer/songwriter.  Ever since I started writing songs, the majority of them had an element of hope and faith within the lyrics.  I started writing as a means to heal from some traumatic experiences in my life, so the songs are borne out of my own feelings at the time of writing.
😊 I'm So Glad You're Here 😊 
Of course an artist needs to earn a living from the sales of their music, but for me, it is not just about that.  I want to have a community where people can empower one another.  The world is so filled with negativity at this present time and I truly believe that my world will help you escape that. 
🌎 A World Of Positivity 🌎 
I truly believe that in order to survive this journey called life, in a peace filled way, it is so important to look at the positives instead of focus on the negatives.  
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Thank you once again for being here and I hope to see you in my forum and social media sites.

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